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Baby Doc is a magazine that grows bigger with each issue. The name stands for Reproduction and Social Violence, Vulnerability and Representation. We regularly commission and ask contributors for writing that already exists, unpublished or rarely seen in a state just before stable form. This content is published along with interviews, significant reprints and new visuals. Each Baby Doc issue is released with an exhibition that addresses how publishing and editorial practices can be spatially represented, and how content can be re-thought through mechanisms of distribution and alternative press.

‘The company wants to integrate with its environment to ensure the legitimacy necessary to its growth (...) We are socially responsible by encouraging the dissemination of artistic masterpieces in the audience.’ – Alain Dominique Perrin, Cartier Foundation.

It is quite significant that companies who have something to be forgiven for first play on the patronage map. Responsibility is handed over, coupled, passed on from person(s) to person(s). Sponsorship, the godfather, the one who pushes and secures continuity.

If a baby could speak to the mother, says Winnicott, here is what he might say.

I find you;
you survive what I do to you
as I come to recognise you
as not-me;
I use you;
but you remember me;
I keep forgetting you;
I lose you;
I am sad.